If you are a member of the CJS and would like to apply for access to casefile items stored in the Forensic Archive, please download this form or for DNA sample for evidential purposes requiring Home Office NDNAD authorisation, please download this form and email to: forensic.archive@forensicarchive.cjsm.net

If you are from a witness liaison team would like the last known contact details for ex-FSS employees, please download this form.

Tel: 0845 340 0517 help desk open from 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday (except public holidays).

Email: For archive requests: forensic.archive@forensicarchive.cjsm.net
For all other enquiries: general.enquiries@forensicarchive.com

If you are part of a defence team, innocence project or acting on behalf of an appellant and would like to access forensic casefiles, please contact the original investigating force.

If you have an issue regarding the quality of scientific work previously undertaken by the FSS, please contact the Forensic Science Regulator at: FSREnquiries@homeoffice.gov.uk